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About the 'Keep it Local' campaign

Local government jobs and services are under attack from the Andrews Government Rate Capping proposal.

Labor is set to limit council rate rises to the level of the consumer price index. Councils will simply not be able to maintain current service levels with a CPI Rate Cap. There are already other challenges within the industry to contend with including a freeze by the Liberal Federal Government on Financial Assistance Grants, changes to Home and Community Care funding and the loss of VicRoads contracts in rural areas.

Some Councils have already commenced restructuring and making jobs redundant.

Cuts to Local Government revenue and funding will result in cuts to service delivery and infrastructure renewal. Cuts will hurt the whole of our community, not just the workers. In the firing line will be garbage collection, meals on wheels, kinder, child care, aged care, crossing supervisors, upkeep of parks and sporting fields, roads, swimming pools, libraries, street lights and other facilities.

Join us in our campaign to fight any attempt by any government to interfere with local government’s capacity to respond to the needs of their communities, with the aim of protecting local government jobs and services in the interests of local communities across Victoria.

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