Will our existing services and programs be safe?

No. Services and programs will be axed

When Council costs exceed revenue something has to give. Many Councils will be forced to cut services. The types of services that are particularly vulnerable are those outside Councils’ traditional focus on ‘roads, rates and rubbish.’

They include:

  • Home and Community Care
  • Childcare including:
    • Long Day Care
    • Occasional Care
    • Out of School Hours Care
    • School Holiday Programs.
  • Youth Services
  • Environmental Programs
  • Community Events and Social Inclusion Programs

Other services will be contracted out. The only way a contractor can provide a service cheaper is by:      

  • cutting service levels
  • cutting staff
  • cutting wages and conditions; or
  • all of the above.

Contractors are in it to make a profit. If a service can be delivered with a profit then that profit should be put back into the community not into the pockets of private individuals.

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